MS-Excel / Excel 2003

Standard Display Settings

Controlling the Excel display screen includes not only hiding unwanted toolbars that surround the worksheet but also modifying the sheet's look and feel. Each time you launch Excel, the program opens a new workbook whose sheets use a whole bunch of standard display settings.

These standard settings consist of the following:

  • Three blank worksheets each identified by their own sheet tabs.
  • 256 columns in each sheet with a standard width of 8.43 characters (64 pixels) and labeled with a column header using letters (A through IV).
  • 65,536 rows in each sheet with a standard row height of 12.75 points (17 pixels) and labeled with a row header (1 through 65536).
  • Gridlines demarcating the edge of each sheet's columns and rows and thereby displaying the outline of each worksheet cell.
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