MS-Excel / Excel 2003

Removing Records from Data List with Data Form

In addition to adding and editing records with the data form, you can also delete them. To remove a record from the data list, you simply display the record in the data form and then click the Delete button.

Be careful when deleting records, however, because you can't restore the records you delete with Excel's Undo feature. For this reason, Excel always displays an alert dialog box whenever you click the Delete button indicating that the record displayed in the data form is about to be permanently deleted. To continue and remove the record, you need to click OK or press Enter. If you change your mind and decide to keep the current record, press the Esc key or click the Cancel button instead.

Although you can use the Criteria data form to locate a group of records that you want to delete, you can remove only one record at a time with the Delete button. To delete a whole set of records, you might be better off selecting them in the worksheet and then removing them with the Edit → Delete command (using the Shift Cells Up option).

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