MS-Excel / Excel 2003

Name That Range

At the most basic level, naming a range in Excel is no harder than selecting the range of cells (this can be a single cell, cell range, or nonadjacent cell selection), clicking the Name Box (on the same row as the Formula bar that contains the current cell address), typing a unique descriptive name for the range, and then pressing Enter.

Remember these range name conventions: All range names must begin with a letter of the alphabet, contain no spaces (use underscores, please), and not duplicate any other name in the workbook (keep those names unique).

In fact, I always name single-cell ranges or nonadjacent ranges from the Name Box on the Formula bar. You never see me taking the time to open the Define Name dialog box (Insert → Name → Define) and enter the descriptive range name there.

To quickly select a cell range or nonadjacent selection after naming it, click the drop-down button on the Name Box and then select the selection's name in the drop-down list. To print the cell selection, choose File → Print, click the Selection option button in the Print dialog box, and click OK.

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