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Managing Worksheet Windows

Keeping tabs on your data in a large spreadsheet is a challenge. Comparing the data entered into widely separate parts of the same worksheet can require a lot of scrolling back and forth between regions. The problem is only compounded when you're dealing with a spreadsheet whose data is distributed over different worksheets. There you have to flip between sheets and scroll the regions you're comparing into view.

This tutorial covers ways you can use worksheet windows to compare data, copy and move it between different regions of the same (or different) worksheets, and even move it from one workbook file to another.

Two approaches are possible:

  • Using a single worksheet: You split the worksheet window into horizontal or vertical panes and then scroll different sections of the sheet into view.
  • Using data on different worksheets: You open a second window on a second worksheet and then arrange the windows to display data from the desired regions of both worksheets.