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Making the Same Entry in Many Places

Many spreadsheets use the same column or row headings - even the same values - over and over again. When you know ahead of time that you need to enter the same label or value in many cells in the same worksheet, you can do this by following these simple steps:

  1. Select all the cells and cell ranges that require the same entry as a noncontiguous cell selection.
  2. Type the label or value into the active cell of the noncontiguous cell selection.
    Pause for a second after entering the data in the active cell and resist the natural temptation to complete this entry by pressing the Enter key or clicking the Enter box on the Formula bar.
    The third and last step in this procedure is critical to entering the data in all the selected cells rather than in just the active one.
  3. Press Ctrl+Enter to complete the data entry, entering it in every cell in the noncontiguous cell selection.
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