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Long Data Entries with AutoCorrect

AutoCorrect is Excel's attempt to save you time when doing data entry in a spreadsheet. It anticipates what you enter and, if necessary, corrects it or converts it into special types of data such as live hyperlinks and smart tags - data recognized as being of a particular kind, such as Wall Street financial symbols and personal names. The AutoCorrect feature in Excel encompasses three areas:

  • AutoCorrect: Automatically corrects common spelling errors whenever you make them in cell entries
  • AutoFormat As You Type: Automatically turns Web addresses and network paths into live hyperlinks and expands data lists when you add a new record to them
  • Smart Tags: Enables you to control all the smart tag settings, including checking the workbook for data that Excel identifies as a type of smart tag, controlling the appearance of the Smart Tag indicator in the worksheet cells, looking online for more smart tag applications, and making the smart tags identified in your spreadsheet a permanent part of the workbook file by embedding them in it