MS-Excel / Excel 2003

Finding cells with conditional formatting

Excel makes it easy to locate and select the cells in your worksheet that use conditional formatting. This makes it quick work of finding particular conditional formatting that you want to reuse by copying to other parts of the spreadsheet.

Open the Go To dialog box (F5 or Ctrl+G) and then click the Special button. Excel opens the Go To Special dialog box where you select the Conditional Formats option button and then click OK.

Excel then selects all the cells in the worksheet that contain some type of conditional formatting. You can use the Enter or Tab key or Shift+Enter or Shift+Tab keys to move from one selected cell to another throughout all the ranges.

To save time and select only the cells that contain a certain type of conditional formatting, position the cell pointer in a cell that uses the type you want to locate. Then open the Go To Special dialog box, select both the Conditional Formatting option button and the Same option button, and click OK.

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