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Alignments for Data Entries

Most of the time, the Formatting toolbar's Align Left, Center, Align Right, and Merge and Center buttons are all you need to put your spreadsheet's data entries into good order. You should, however, keep in mind that Excel has much more to offer than these four standard formatting buttons when it comes to properly aligning and orienting your data.

Using these other less standard alignment options can often go a long way towards making the tables in your spreadsheet read better by enabling you to keep their data more compact in their columns. More importantly, they can save you from later having to waste time dealing with paging problems caused by tables that unnecessarily split across more than one page of the report.

This technique looks at several of these less standard alignment options that you can apply to both text and numeric entries in the tables in your spreadsheets. It also covers text options that enable you to efficiently format long text entries such as the titles and column and row headings for your tables.