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Editing a Query

If you want, you can do some major reconstruction to your query in the design grid - you can move the columns around, delete a column, or delete all the entries in the grid.

To do any of those things, though, you first have to select the column in the grid by clicking the column selector - the narrow block at the top of each column in the grid.

Table-1 lists some of the things you can do to make changes in the design grid.

Editing Your Query
When You Want To . . .Here's What to Do
Move a columnClick the column selector to select the column, click a second time, and then drag the column to its new position.
Delete a columnClick the column selector to select the column; then press the Delete key on your keyboard to delete the column.
Insert a columnDrag a field from the Table pane in Design view to the column in the design grid where you want to insert it. Access inserts an extra column for the new field, moving all other columns to the right to make space for the new column.
Change the displayed nameUse a colon between the display name and the actual name of the field in the Field row (display name: field name).
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