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Documenting Macros

Because macros are database objects, they're listed in the database Properties dialog box on the Contents tab. To view the list, click the Microsoft Office button, point to Manage, and choose Database Properties. Then click the Contents tab in the Properties dialog box and scroll down the list until you reach the macro section.

If you want to keep documentation for the standalone macros and macro groups in your database, you can print the macro description by using the Database Documenter. On the Database Tools tab's Analyze group, click the Database Documenter command. Select the Macros tab, choose the macro you want, and click OK. Choose Options, and in the Print Macro Definition dialog box, check the categories of information that you want to print:

  • Properties Includes the container, date created, date of last update, owner, and user.
  • Actions and Arguments Lists all the actions with their conditions, if any, and the values of all the arguments.
  • Permissions by User and Group Lists user permissions, such as admin, and group permissions, such as Admins and Users.

Then click OK again to see the macro definitions in Print Preview.

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