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Creating Tables and Inserting Records

Learn how to create a table and insert records into a table. You will learn about data types, field sizes, and constraints. You will also learn how to update and delete records in a table. Read the definitions for this tutorial before you begin.

ALTER TABLE - Keywords that are used to modify columns and constraints in an existing table.

Constraints - Used to restrict values that can be inserted into a field and to establish referential integrity.

CREATE TABLE - Keywords that are used to instruct the database to create a new table.

Data type - Specifies the type of data a column can store.

DELETE statement - Used to remove records from a table.

Field - Equivalent to a column.

Field size - Specifies the maximum number of characters that a field can hold.

INSERT statement - Used to add records to a table.

NULL - Used to indicate no value.

SELECT statement - Used to retrieve records from the database.

UPDATE statement - Used to update records in a table.