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Creating Reports Automatically

You create a report the same way that you create other objects in your database. Follow these steps:

  1. Display the Create tab of the Ribbon by clicking it.
  2. Select the method you want to use to create the report by clicking one of the buttons on the Reports group of the Create tab on the Ribbon.
    Table-1 lists the choices on the Reports group of the Create tab.
    Warning Don't click New on the Microsoft Office Button menu - doing that makes a new database!
Table-1 Buttons on the Reports Group of the Create Tab
OptionWhen to Use itWhere to Find More Info
Design ViewWhen you want to design your report from scratch in Design view
Report WizardWhen you want Access to create a report, using the fields, grouping, and sorting that you provideSee the next section in this tutorial.
ReportWhen you want to create a simple report based on the table or query that is currently selected. You can customize the report later.Just click the button and Access 2007 automatically creates a report based on the currently selected table or query.
AutoReport: TabularWhen you want to create a report from one table or query and arrange the fields in a table, with field names at the tops of the columns and data from each record displayed as a row in the table (as in a datasheet).See "Creating Simple Reports," later in this tutorial.
Chart WizardWhen you want to create a chart from data stored in one table or query.
Label WizardWhen you want to print data from one table or query on labels.See "Creating Mailing Labels," later in this tutorial.
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