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Troubleshooting iPad and iPhone

Apple makes the iPad and iPhone as reliable as possible-but like all hardware and software, they can run into all sorts of problems. Any problem that's not easy to solve, the users will bring to you.

To strengthen your arm and raise your chances of maintaining your heroic status among your network's users, this tutorial discusses how to troubleshoot the issues you're most likely to run into with the iPad and iPhone.

We'll spend most of our time dealing with the usual suspects: the iPad or iPhone refusing to turn on, app crashes and system hangs, the PC or Mac refusing to recognize the device, Wi-Fi connections the device can't establish, or iTunes failing to synchronize. By and large, you troubleshoot these problems in the same way for both the iPad and the iPhone, so we'll cover them together, with notes on the differences you need to know about.

Toward the end of the tutorial, we'll also go through how to squeeze the most battery life out of the iPad and iPhone-and the best ways to replace the battery when it gives up the ghost. Strictly speaking, this may not be troubleshooting-but it can save you plenty of grief, so I'm guessing you'll want to know about it.