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Specifying the Authentication for a PPTP VPN

For a PPTP VPN, specify the authentication by taking the following steps:

  1. In the User Authentication area of the VPN pane for a PPTP connection, select the Password option button or the RSA SecurID option button as appropriate.
  2. In the Encryption Level drop-down list or pop-up menu, choose the level of encryption to use:
    • Automatic: This is normally the best choice. It makes the iPad or iPhone try 128-bit encryption first, then the weaker 40-bit encryption, and then use no encryption.
    • Maximum (128-Bit): Choose this item to allow only connections with 128-bit encryption.
    • None: Choose this item to turn off encryption. Normally, you'd do this only when you're troubleshooting the VPN and you suspect that encryption may be the problem.
  3. Select the Send All Traffic check box if you want the iPad or iPhone to send all network traffic through the VPN connection.

The VPN pane for a PPTP connection lets you choose between a password and RSA SecurID for authentication. You can specify which encryption level to use and control whether the iPad or iPhone sends all network traffic through the VPN.

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