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Specifying the Authentication for an IPSec VPN Connection

After specifying the description, server, and account name for an IPSec VPN connection, set up the authentication by following these steps:

  1. In the Password field, type the password if you want to store it for the user. Otherwise, leave the Password field blank so that the iPad or iPhone prompts the user to enter it each time they establish the connection.
  2. If the VPN connection uses a certificate for authentication, follow these steps:
    • Move the Use Certificate switch to the On position. The iPad or iPhone displays the Certificate button below the Use Certificate switch.
    • Touch the Certificate button to display the Certificate screen.
      To set up an IPSec VPN connection to use a certificate for authentication, move the Use Certificate switch to the On position (left). Then touch the Certificate button and choose the certificate on the Certificate screen.
    • Touch the certificate to use for authenticating the connection.
    • Touch the Add Configuration button to return to the Add Configuration screen.
  3. If the VPN connection uses a group name and secret rather than a certificate, type the group name in the Group Name field and the secret in the Secret field.

Setting Up Proxying for a VPN Connection

If the VPN goes through a proxy server, you can set up the iPad's or iPhone's VPN connection to use the proxy server either manually or automatically.

To set up proxying, scroll down to the Proxy section at the bottom of the Add Configuration screen. Then set up the type of proxying needed:

  • Manual proxying When you need to specify a fixed server address and port, follow these steps:
    1. Touch the Manual button to display the controls.
    2. Enter the details in the Server field and the Port field.
    3. If the proxy server requires authentication, touch the left side of the Authentication switch to move it from Off to On and then fill in the Username field and the Password field.
  • Automatic proxying Touch the Auto button, and then enter the server's address in the URL field.

Saving the VPN Connection

By this point, you should have entered all the information needed for the VPN connection. Now save the connection by touching the Save button on the Add Configuration screen. The VPN connection then appears on the VPN screen.

You're now ready to connect to the VPN, as described in the next section.

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