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The collection of tools known as the iOS Software Development Kit (SDK) is the crucible for grinding out an iPad app. You pick a template for the type of app; stir in the content, behavior, and user interface; and cast your spells with magical code. The SDK builds your final product. Sounds easy, and to be truthful, it's relatively easy.

In this tutorial, I introduce you to the SDK. It's going to be a low-key, get-acquainted kind of affair.

Developing Using the SDK

The iOS Software Development Kit (SDK) gives you the opportunity to develop your apps without tying your brain up in knots. It includes Xcode, Apple's development environment that runs on the Mac OS X operating system. To develop an iPad app, you have to work within the context of an Xcode project. The SDK also includes Interface Builder, which launches from Xcode when you double-click a .xib file. You use it to quickly build your app's user interface. The idea here is to add your code incrementally - step by step - so that you can always step back and see how what you just did affects the Big Picture.