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Animating the View

Keep the DeepThoughts sample app as simple as possible so that you can focus on how to build any iPad app with Xcode.

But most iPad apps start off with a view, and the View-based Application template creates a skeleton for a fully functioning iPad app, as you find out in this tutorial. You also get to flesh out the template with some code that transforms it from an app that just sits there and looks pretty to an app that actually does something.

Note: DeepThoughts is supposed to display falling words - text flowing down the view in different sizes, starting with the words "Peace Love Groovy Music" - at a speed the user can change. DeepThoughts should also allow the user to enter text to substitute different words for "Peace Love Groovy Music" as well as set the speed in advance.

As you add the code to DeepThoughts, also explain some of the features of the Xcode Text editor.