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Installing memory on desktop PCs

Now that you have purchased the correct type of memory - meaning the correct type at the correct speed with the correct number of pins - you are ready to install the memory!

Take off the computer's cover. You should see either SIMM sockets or DIMM sockets - maybe even both types on an older system.

Look at the sockets and determine whether the memory modules will sit diagonally or vertically. This step is very important.

If the socket is on a diagonal, lightly place the memory module vertically and then lay it back diagonally; it should just snap in. If the socket is vertical, place the memory module at a 45-degree angle and lightly lay it back to the vertical position; it should snap in.

When you install the memory module, make sure you line up Pin 1 on the memory module with Pin 1 in the socket. To locate Pin 1 on a SIMM, look for the cutout on the memory module and place it over the shoulder of the SIMM socket.

To locate Pin 1 on a DIMM, simply look at the memory module; the pins are labeled. The DIMM cannot be placed in backward because it's keyed (meaning that it has cutouts so that the memory can only be inserted one way). When installing the DIMMs, you will push down firmly on the module to place the DIMM deep in the socket.

Installing memory on laptop systems

Installing memory on today's laptop systems is just as easy as installing memory on a desktop PC. The first step is to make sure you buy the correct type of memory for the laptop - again, check the laptop documentation before heading to the store!

To install your newly purchased memory, flip the laptop over. You'll notice a door on the bottom of the laptop that can be removed. This is where you add memory.

After the cover has been removed, you can insert the SODIMM into an empty slot by lightly placing the SODIMM into the memory slot on a slight angle and then clamping it back into place. If you are replacing memory, you will need to first remove the old memory module by pressing on the clips on the side and then lifting the memory out. When you have the SODIMM locked in place, put the cover back on and you're ready to use your laptop with the new memory!

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