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Implementing Security

In this tutorial, you find out how to implement security best practices on systems at home or at the workplace. The preceding tutorial introduces terms such as authentication and authorization; this tutorial demonstrates how to perform such tasks. You find out how to create a user account that can be used for authentication and how to authorize the user to access a folder or perform an action within the operating system. This tutorial will ensure that you know how to perform basic security-related tasks!

It is important to understand when thinking about network security that security is to be implemented at multiple layers, meaning that you cannot focus on just one security-related feature - you want to implement multiple security features to secure your environment. For example, a number of people feel that their systems are secure because they have a firewall. They don't realize that the firewall protects the system only from attacks coming across the network. What if the hacker is in the same room as the computer? The firewall is of no use at that point, so you need to ensure that you implement other security features to protect the system from all potential threats.