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Dual Inline Memory Modules (DIMMs) are like SIMMs, only they supply information in 64-bit chunks. DIMMs use 168 pins on the module and are a little larger than the 72-pin SIMMs.

Consider the memory bank issue again. Because the DIMM supplies data in 64-bit chunks, and the data path of a Pentium processor is 64-bit, you can install DIMMs singly in a Pentium system. On the other hand, you must install SIMMs in pairs in a Pentium system.


Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Modules (SODIMMs) are memory modules that are smaller than normal DIMMs and are used in laptops. A SODIMM comes in three different-sized modules: a 32-bit 72-pin module; a 64-bit 144- pin module (SDRAM); and a 64-bit 200-pin module (DDR).


A Micro Dual Inline Memory Module (MicroDIMM) is another memory module that is used in laptop computers. The MicroDIMM is smaller than the SODIMM and comes in a 144-pin module for SDRAM and a 172-pin module for DDR memory.

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